Tuesday, January 18, 2011

::An Evening @ Bagan Lalang::

Alhamdulilah. It is 1.35PM and I just had my frugal lunch packed from home...:) Alhamdulillah, save few ringgits..hihi

As mentioned in my previous entry, we went to Bagan Lalang, the nearest beach from my mom's house. The idea of having seafood dinner was from dearest hubby when we were on the way back to mom's house. Dah lama dah tak gi makan ikan bakar kat Bagan Lalang ni..i think dah more than 6 mos.

From mom's house to Bagan Lalang, it just took us less than 30 minutes drive. Went there at about 6.15PM and arrived at the beach around 6.45. We invited Ateh & Co too to join us. The more the merrier kan..:)

Actually hubby and me interested to try another restaurant, but based on Ateh's experience, we just ended up eating at the same restaurant from Day 1 that we know Bagan Lalang..:)

 *Hubby + Me + Anisah + Humayraa + Mamayong + Nenek |
On the way to Bagan Lalang*

Since it was still early and we wanna to eat after Magrib prayer, we went to the new play ground just a few minutes drive from the Golden Palm Tree Resort.

*Kids were having FUN at the playground*

After maghrib prayer, we headed to our favorite restaurant, Restoran Bagan Lalang Seaview.

So, what we ordered?
  • 1 kg of Pepahat - Masak sweet sour
  • 1 ekor ikan kerapu - Masak steam
  • 1 ekor ikan siakap - bakar
  • about half kg of prawn - goreng tepung
  • about half kg of squid - goreng tepung gak
  • sayur kailan ikan masin
  • sayur kangkung belacan
  • 6 plates of plain rice
  • 4 plates of nasi lemak
Sorry tak ada gambar, sudah kasi hantam makan daaa...:) So yummy, balik tu semua terbongkang mcm ular sawa...hihihi 

Alhamdulillah, rezeki dari Allah. Thanks hubby!!


Anonymous said...

Salam. Boleh bagi number Restoran Seaview ? Email:

CT said...

Dear Yusni,
Sorry...tak pernah amik plak no die...

asz said...

ct..dah lama tak pekena pepahat..missing those sweet time of having pepahat with kroni

CT said...

Ayni, ye la...last time we had it with sab kan?
So, apa lagi, lets plan 2011 gathering kat Bagan Lalang...dah lama pun x bergathering kan

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