Monday, January 24, 2011

::Our 1st Hardcover Photobook::

Alhamdulillah. It has been safely reached at my place. Am so happy, rasa nak melompat-lompat tgk courier man sampai tadi.

So, here it is. I should take a pic when it is still covered in plastic. Impatient I was..huhuhu

 *The Cover*

For more snapshots, visit here

It was actually the memory of our first family outdoor photo shoot with The Little Big Shot Photography. We booked the mom's day promotion and had the shooting at Taman Botani, Putrajaya. The actual place was at The Islamic Museum, Putrajaya.

It was back in May 2008. Humayraa was just about 6 mos old and Anisah was 3 years and  21 days old.

For my own reference in future, here's the details:
  • Size: 15" x 11"
  • Type: Large Landscape Imagewrap
  • Paper : 190gsm Photo Lustre Paper - Free Upgrade from the premium paper type
  • Cover : ImageWrap Matte Lamination
  • Pages :  40
  • Actual Price : RM368.00
  • Discounted Price: RM145
  • Delivery Charge :15.00
Overall, I am satisfied with this end product. It worth the money paid, it worth the time spend to sort and arrange the pics. Definitely will go for more...:)

Should you never try, the process is simple

  1. Choose the application from your preferred service provider. In my case, I just love Photobook. There are a lot more such as Uprint, Flippix, Prinzwork, I Love Photobook and Wedoo.
  2. Install the application
  3. Add and sort your preferred pictures in your preferred arrangement. You can add wordings, you can add embellishments like flowers or butterflies or ribbon. You also can change the background.
  4. Once done, just upload it and make your order.
As for my case, it took about a week to receive my order, which I felt acceptable.

A tip to share, you can create lots of files in you preferred application, but just order when there's promotions from the service provider. You'll save a lot.

And as a loyal customer to Photobook, am proudly announce the latest promotion available. It will end on 31st January 2011. 7 more hurry up!!!!

And should you do not have the idea or should you have time constraint to sort and arrange the pics, Photobook just lauched their Ready Books. You just need to download and then slot in the pics. The ready book below is one of them.


Ummu Auni said...

akak pernah cuba flippix tak? kawan saya harganya lebih murah. tapi bila nak install, tak boleh guna

CT said...

tak pernah. a ah, harga die lagi murah sket...masalahnye mcm malas dah nak install application lain... la ni dlm lappy ni dah ada 2, photobook designer ngn wedoo...pengsan ler kalo nak install sume...hihihihi

xpe, i got many projects to do..recovering back all pics yg mmg x berprint2 tu..maybe leh cuba..:)

ieka said...

kak siti, comelnya.. and jelesnyaaa.. nak buat juga la nanti ni hahaha

y@tipruzz said...

eh camne akak leh dpt byk sgt diskaun tu eh?
ni yg akak beli voucher in advance tu ke?

CT said...

ieka, sila nak buat kelas photobook this friday with officemate..:P wanna join?

yati, ha ah...beli voucher in advance tu...berbaloikan?

sikulat said...

berbaloi2 beli voucher advance.. muahahhaha..

Akak.. sayanye upload last week.. tak siap2 lagi.. huhu.. Tak sabar dah nih .. koleksi gambar 2006 baru print.. muekekkee..

CT said...

ha ah..i like...

on awaknye order tu, aritu kak ct upload on 17th Jan...Friday, 21st die pos...Isnin, 24th dpt sbb guna alamat ofis...if alamat rumah, on saturday la dpt agaknye

huhuhuh kak ct pun banyak lagi koleksi yg x berprint..kene wat skit2....else lari bajet...hihihihihi

y@tipruzz said...

ala tade sape nak jualkan voucher utk saya ke?
skang diskaun cuma 40%....

CT said...

alahai dear, sorry la..kak ct pun beli 1 je..x mampu la nak beli bebanyak kan..

promo yg murah tak hengat mcm ni selalunye die offer 2/3 hari je..

yg 40% ni sebulan..cube survey company lain...

sikul@t said...

akak.. saya pun anta 17 Jan. selasa ari tu saya tanya status (diorang kata within this week should arrive), today tade pape update , saya anta complaint lagi. (terus je kata dah siap.. akan di deliver today, should received tomorrow) yihaaa.. best best (although agak disappointed sbb lately diorangnye delivery mmg &%^^&&**&#*).. muehehehhe -- haii dah gelemer la katakan

CT said...

semah, gempak sangat kut awaknye order, tu yg lambat tu..:)

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